ABS was seeking to create a programme that amongst other things, transformed the way data was being digitally managed with a view to streamlining data acquisition, processing, analysis and delivery. They also wanted to find ways of increasing the value and re-usability of the data they already had.



    As Australia’s national statistics agency, the ABS is over 100 years old. Its role was traditionally in taking a Census of the Australian population every five years, but this has expanded over the years with the agency now comprising over 3,000 staff, incorporating new surveys and reporting, and looking to new projects.

    However, over the years its portfolio of applications had grown significantly with many older applications remaining. These legacy systems and processes were causing huge challenges for the agency, with escalating costs and siloed data processing holding them back.

    The agency recognised the need to transform how its data was managed and at the same time, they realised there was a need to take the exciting jump from a more traditional linear approach (Waterfall) to an iterative, team-based approach which would encourage a higher level of customer involvement (Agile).

    They were faced with the question of how to re-engineer their business processes to focus on providing services and information solutions through the assembly of data and data processes, rather than focusing on ‘made to order’ processes and products. While at the same time seeking to facilitate greater innovation, more data analysis, and tailored service delivery.


    In April 2016, ABS signed a $10 million foundational deal with ASG to deliver an innovative Enterprise Data Management Environment using Oracle technologies.

    The outcome of this was a solution that supports the production of coherent, in-depth statistical information gained from multiple sources, which incorporate both traditional data warehousing and BI approaches, as well as Big Data and advanced analytics.

    The engagement was delivered by ASG through their Agile Delivery Methodology, which not only contributed to the successful completion of the program, but more broadly helped the organisation transition to a more Agile-focused approach.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has a reputation for being one of the top statistical offices in the world. They are known and respected for delivering objective statistics which hold a mirror to Australian communities and governments, as well as coordinating data between other official statistical bodies, both local and overseas.

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