With over 100 million hits to its website during election events, and its growing number of websites, online services, and applications, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), needed to migrate to a cloud-based Web Hosting Solution if it was to meet the increasing demand and expectations of the Australian public.



    With an increasingly dynamic operating environment, record enrolment rates, and more mobile participants, the increasing public demand for digital services was putting great pressure on the AEC’s website reliability, accessibility and performance – especially in the lead up to and during election events.

    The AEC’s previous web hosting platform relied on a live production environment to execute capacity and penetration testing before a federal electoral event. This led to public facing web services being interrupted whilst testing was executed, and raised questions as to the ongoing viability of existing architecture to cope with expected demand.

    If the AEC was to continue innovating and providing better services to the public, it was critical that it sought out a high performance, cost efficient, and highly available cloud-based Web Hosting Solution to deliver its suite of websites, applications and online services. With only a small team of permanent staff, the AEC would also require a Managed Services Provider ongoing to ensure best practice and compliance of all laws and relevant government policies.


    Due to its proven record of servicing large enterprise organisations and government, and its capability to provide a best-in-class solution at a competitive price, ASG Group was chosen as AEC’s Managed Service Provider, together with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    The migration to the AWS cloud platform was carried out seamlessly, with ASG using a combination of static and elastic infrastructure, in conjunction with hardening technologies, to ensure the AEC’s internet enabled solution is functionally secure and meets their unique needs and obligations to the Australian public, both now and into the future.

    To ensure no downtime when undergoing website testing in the future, the team at ASG designed and built new production, pre-production, development and management domains, along with a proprietary self-service web portal. The portal permits the AEC to develop, test, and deploy applications and web content without interrupting public facing online BAU services.

    Ongoing Partnership

    In addition to the successful migration of the AEC’s public facing websites, ASG continues to provide ongoing cloud operational managed services to AEC to ensure the systems constantly improve with technological advances.

    Murray Rosa, Regional General Manager for ASG Group said, “AEC’s digital services were perfectly suited to a public cloud platform because of the varying demand. ASG together with AWS were able to provide a highly secure, scalable and flexible solution that responds rapidly to the peak capacity demands required during an election period.”


The AEC is responsible for conducting federal elections and referendums and maintaining the Commonwealth electoral roll. As well as this, the AEC also administers a broad range of associated electoral functions – from party registrations, electoral redistributions, by-elections, ballots for organisations, electoral funding and education programs and activities.

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