Effective Business Analysis (BA) drives greater operational efficiencies and value. However, for our client – one of Australia’s largest electricity distributors – its business analysis practice was not delivering customer centric outcomes. If it is was to continue being an industry leader, it would need to refine its BA framework inline with its business needs.


    Business Analysis plays an important role in large organisations, especially those in the service industry who rely on efficient processes to drive greater customer value.

    Our client, one of Australia’s largest electricity distributors, needed to improve the efficiency of its electricity networks and streamline its operations to provide a better customer experience at a more affordable price.

    The key challenge facing the organisation was its business analysis practice. Its mixed workforce of business analysts, composed of both contracted and permanent staff, had been an impediment to the delivery of value to its customers. This meant that there was an emphasis on individual business analysts and internal outcomes, and not on business analysis services and the delivery of customer value.


    ASG was engaged to assist initially with a three-week Business Analysis Capability Review to establish the current state of business analysis across the business from the perspective of Service Definition, Operating Model, Methods and Standards, and Workforce Management.

    A core framework for implementation of recommendations arising from the review was developed by ASG, with the BAaaS team working to deliver the uplift. A master agreement was signed for BAaaS capability provided by ASG, which led to significant positive impacts including:

    • Streamlining the onboarding of BAs, and
    allowing flexibility to leverage
    competitive commercial arrangements

    • Establishing a roadmap towards BA
    Capability optimisation to continue with a
    phased Establish, Uplift, Grow approach

    • Developing, implementing and supporting a
    Continuous Improvement (CI) Framework as
    part of the BA Service Catalogue

    • Increased awareness of business analysis
    skills and value across the organisation
    and a recognition of the BA team as a
    contributor to business success

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