Successful Digital Asset Management (DAM) takes into consideration the needs of the entire business. Usually driving the development of a new DAM will be a team of representatives covering each department, all putting forward their recommendations and requirements.

In the case of our client, the scope of work expected by each representative was not aligned with the capabilities of the solution – or any solution on the market. As a result, progress had slowed significantly, and the project was at risk of failure. To help establish boundaries for the initial launch, manage expectations of all stakeholders, and deliver a solution that would work for the entire organisation, ASG were engaged to provide project delivery and change management services to get the project back on track.



    A newly-founded Hong Kong Government Authority is developing a multi-billion US$ cultural district with class-leading, new artistic venues.

    As part of the new development, the Authority identified the need for a new Digital Asset Management solution to store their highly valuable Digital Art and other important assets. The solution would replace the existing legacy process within the organisation which was to store digital assets in a large variety of formats e.g. network locations and local hard disk. Best practices and workflows needed defining for managing, storing and naming assets. Additional scrutiny was required in view of the complex rights management and data governance dimensions.

    A project had been initiated to replace existing legacy processes and consolidate asset storage. However, without the necessary delivery and technical expertise, the project found itself slipping, and not able to meet the evolving business requirements. At the centre of this was a key expectation gap between the complete needs of the different business departments, and the capabilities of a modern Digital Asset Management system. With the project nearing critical deadlines, and no end in sight, ASG were engaged to take over the delivery.


    With proven experience in project delivery and change management, ASG were able to quickly identify several key issues that needed to be addressed.

    First, the ASG team created a governance structure to facilitate decision making and enable a clear escalation path. It was also discovered that there was a severe issue with the original tender process, whereby the expectations of some business users were impossible to meet. ASG utilised the governance structure to pivot the delivery of the project to maximising business value with realistic functionality. This allowed ASG and the organisation to set achievable scope targets for deliveries and move the project from a constantly blocked state, into consecutive green releases. Richard Chia, ASG Hong Kong Advisory Consultant, says β€œIn Digital Asset Management one of the key features is the Metadata Schema, where the business can store the important data relating to each asset.

    For our client, ASG created a customised Schema of nearly 200 exportable fields, in three languages, that mapped to international Metadata standards. This provides the business the ability to pinpoint specific assets when searching. It is also especially important for works of art and rights management.” To ensure business adoption and allow users to fully achieve the real-life benefits available from a Digital Asset Management system, ASG also engaged heavily in change management within the wider organisation. This included briefings, training, supplying best practices, videos, posters, newsletters, and creating a self-help online repository, all tailored to individual departmental needs.


    ASG continues to work with the organisation on its Digital Asset Management, handling asset imports, adoption, complex data rights issues, and evolving the working business practices around Digital Assets. ASG are now also supporting the organisation with facilitation and support for key flagship programs, and other managed services offerings.

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