For Service NSW, red tape and duplication was hindering the progress of new small business applications. With its priority to help NSW small businesses get set up faster, the agency knew it needed to simplify its current processes and move into the 21st century with new digital experiences.


    Small business owners in NSW make a major contribution to the Australian economy with the sector paying more than $47 billion in wages each year and employing more than 1.5 million people.

    Despite this, red tape and lengthy manual processes were slowing down the processing of new business applications – often resulting in wait times of up to 18 months, 48 form requirements and adherence to 75 different regulations.

    Recognising this bottleneck, the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, Service NSW and the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner developed ‘Easy to do Business’, a program designed to bring the NSW Government into the digital age by creating one online form that shares information with other agencies to reduce duplication and provide small businesses with a one-stop-shop.


    ASG was engaged by Service NSW to conduct comprehensive Service Design workshops and progressed into the creation of user journeys and personas and high-fidelity Proof of Concepts (POC’s).

    The designed flows formulated a Minimum Value Proposition (MVP) to help demonstrate multi-form, multi-status application processes, including Self-Serve experiences for businesses and Shared Serve experiences for Business Concierges (Administrators).

    The result offers businesses a single online portal for interacting with three tiers of government. Some of the functionality includes Call Centre Activation, Payment Gateways and Shared Access / Controls for document versioning, submission and evaluation of applications.

    Giant Leap Towards Automation with ASG

    The Service NSW Easy to Do Business program represents a giant leap towards automation for the digital government of the future. Through continued partnering with ASG’s Design team, the program is successfully digitising experiences that are cross-agency and go far beyond single visit transactions.

    Following successful trials, the program helped to replace up to 48 forms across 13 different agencies, reducing the average small business opening times from 18 months down to 90 days, and so far has improved business optimisation by up to 600 per cent.

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