The ‘largest migration to cloud in Australian Government history’ earmarked for completion at the end of 2018 is up and running, says Airservices Australia’s CIO Chris Seller.

The positive project update is a result of the engagement with ASG Group as Airservices Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) partner, supporting the transformation of existing legacy IT into an agile, on-demand, cost-effective, cloud-based solution.

As Airservices set out in its latest annual report, the agency started moving to the new consumption based model in early 2018, identifying all corporate systems and ensuring that the new service would meet strict requirements such as ASD Certified cloud, increase availability, improved business continuity, reduced server costs and risk.

The migration which includes around 88 servers and 130 applications including SAP core ERP systems is now largely complete, with all systems previously hosted in Airservices Canberra offices relocated to both the Canberra Data Centre and the Vault Cloud platform.

“It is the largest move to the cloud in Australian Government history and demonstrates the maturity of ASD-approved, secure, hosted cloud platforms”, said Airservices in the report.

Airservices Partnering with ASGBy partnering with ASG and Vault Systems – whose services have been certified to carry protected level government data – Mr Seller told Computerworld that Airservices have now moved around 135 applications and close to a petabyte of data to the cloud.

“That consumed around 21,000 hours of engineering and project management effort,” said Mr Seller.

The move to cloud has delivered “quite significant performance improvements” for Airservices, the CIO said. “Provisioning of new environments is now down to hours rather than weeks,” he added.

ASG’s Chief Operating Officer, Dean Langenbach said: “We have brought to Airservices our trademark commercial model, which has agility and flexibility at its core. With that, our proven capability in cloud transition and business transformation.

“ASG brings best-in-breed technology and services to Airservices, but with the added security and flexibility to scale with business demand and deliver strong economic gains.”

Mr Langenbach added: “As we have proven in the past, and once again through our work with Airservices, ASG is the genuine alternative to Australia’s traditional Tier 1 providers.

“We’re local, we have the expertise, and we are invested personally in every project.

“As we continue to win partnerships with more Australian organisations as they make their digital transition, the outlook for our existing and new customers gets even better.

“Our parent company NRI –  one of the world’s largest business consultancy and technology solution firms – has made enormous financial and resources commitments to ASG’s mission – we are more enabled and ready than ever before,” said Mr Langenbach.

ASG Safe Cloud Migration

Building a sustainable organisation for the future.

Along with its cloud migration, the transition to a managed services delivery model provides Airservices with a number of benefits, including a reduction in overall information technology operating costs, improved service quality and availability, increased service flexibility and enhanced information security.

ASG’s five-year contract includes the delivery of a solution encompassing several key components:

  • Cloud Services

Provision of ASD certified cloud computing capability (provided by Vault Systems) with industry best practice security, redundancy, and failover capabilities. ASG’s cloud services will also deliver both public and private capability allowing for segregation of secure and protected workloads.

  • Consumption of services

ASG will provide Airservices with a range of services on a consumption basis with monthly service costs based on Airservices actual consumption of key services.

  • Transformation

A significant component of the journey to cloud capability is the transformation of ICT Services from on-premise to cloud, upgrade of end-user computing (including business-wide asset refresh), rationalisation of server infrastructure, and optimisation of the server and data layer for application performance improvement.

  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement

As a strategic partner, ASG has been engaged to assist Airservices to identify and execute initiatives to improve business efficiency and agility, while seeking to drive down operational costs. Supported by a jointly managed Innovation Fund, ASG and Airservices fund key initiatives across the business.

The contract also includes a scope of services including; Cross Functional Services supporting Airservices Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model; Core Compute services; End User Computing.



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