Australia’s fastest growing digital transformation provider, ASG Group, has appointed Peter Dein, a former Assistant Commissioner of Police in NSW and one of Australia’s most experienced counter terrorist experts, as a specialist advisor.

The appointment of Mr Dein as National Security Advisor is part of ASG Group’s plans to grow its operations with an emphasis on providing technological solutions that help improve security and risk management, across all States and Territories.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Dean Langenbach, said Mr Dein brought to ASG Group more than four decades of high-level police and counter terrorism expertise, including 20 years of experience with the nation’s largest police force, the NSW Police Force.

“We are very pleased to have secured Peter as part of our growing advisory team, given his wide experience and expertise in an area that impacts communities around the nation, namely, the use of technology to help make our communities safer,” Mr Langenbach said.

“As ASG Group continues to grow, we are constantly strengthening our areas of expertise, with advisors such as Peter providing us with an unbeatable combination of world-class technology and very real-world expertise

Peter Dein, former Assistant Commissioner of Police in NSW.

in how to apply that technology to improve efficiency and outcomes.”Mr Dein said he was particularly excited to be able to use his experience in policing and counter terrorism to help find ways to use technology to prevent and help solve national security threats.


“My brief as a specialist is to provide ASG Group with the capacity to understand how we can apply highly sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to real world situations that ultimately, help to make our streets safer,” he said.“I am passionate about the use of technology to help identify, prevent and solve crimes and terrorist activity, with new systems giving police on the beat the ability to work smarter and more efficiently in doing what they do best – keep communities safe.”

Mr Dein finished his police career as the Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command when he retired from the NSW Police Force in 2014, with the last six years of sworn service as the senior officer responsible for counter-terrorism in NSW. In 2007 he worked with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the New South Wales Crime Commission (NSWCC), to establish the nation’s largest Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) in Sydney.

His experience also included SWAT, threat assessment and risk management in areas such as violent crime, kidnap for ransom, extortion and CT operations. From 2016 to 2018, Dein held the position of Assistant Commissioner at the NSW Crime Commission and is currently a Corporate Advisory Board member for Stratium Global, both of which focus on Risk Management, Security and Public Safety.



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