Winston has had an impressive journey at ASG so far, starting as a Graduate in 2017 on our Graduate Program. He quickly showed his natural business acumen when put to the test at client sites and was eventually brought on as a full-time employee in a Project Manager role.

It wasn’t long before his hard work and ability to take initiative was rewarded with a promotion to Queensland Regional Capability Manager, where Winston was introduced to the sales side of the business as well as the QLD Management Team.

Winston is now settling into yet another exciting role as the Applications Delivery & Team Lead in Queensland.

ASG: What do you think about the culture at ASG?

Winston: “Everyone that I’ve worked with has been super supportive. Of course, coming into an organisation fresh out of university was daunting but I’ve found that people are always happy to stop and chat, give advice, and be a sounding board. That was true at the beginning of my career and it’s still true today, and I’m tremendously appreciative of the opportunities and support that everyone has provided me.”

ASG: What do you enjoy most about your role? What motivates you to come to work every day?

Winston: “At the moment, it’s the challenge of learning a new role, and making sure that I do everything I can to be successful. I don’t like to let anyone down, including myself, but also those who have put faith in me, so that’s my current motivation.

I’m also enjoying getting to know my new team and understanding what their drivers are, what their challenges are, and helping them develop both personally and professionally.”

ASG: Can you pinpoint a moment at ASG you’ve been most proud of?

Winston: “I try to break my career into milestones, and I’m proud of each of them. For one of our clients, becoming Project Manager and helping to win a multi-year contract renewal was a great success of mine. Then becoming a Practice Leader and supporting the next cohorts of graduates coming through the organisation felt really rewarding.

As Regional Capability Manager, having a hand in winning another great multi-million-dollar deal was exciting – and I’m not taking all the credit because there were other key players as well – but it felt like a big achievement under my belt. And now in my current role, being responsible for managing a team of highly experienced developers and looking after some important clients is a big step.”

ASG: You’ve got all kinds of stuff going on in the day, how about at night? What, if anything, keeps you up at night?

Winston: “At the moment, I’m fairly comfortable with where I’m at both professionally and personally, so I’m getting some peaceful nights’ sleep. But of course, comfort is the enemy of progress, so I’ve been thinking about things I need to do to be successful in my new role as well as how else I can increase my knowledge and experience in order to continue advancing my career. My fiancé and I have also been planning our wedding this year, so there’s plenty to think about to make sure the big day goes as smoothly as possible!

As a literal answer to what keeps me up at night – it’s Liverpool Football Club. They’re a football team in the UK and I like to watch the games live!”

ASG: Who has supported you the most in your career at ASG?

Winston: “I’ve had a lot of people support me in my journey to get to where I am now, and I wouldn’t want to name any of them because I’m bound to miss someone important. But they would know who they are.

Throughout my career at ASG I’ve had people put their faith in me to do a job and give me opportunities to grow and succeed. I’ve always appreciated that they saw potential in me that I may not have known myself, and it’s helpful to get that little push from someone you admire and respect.

There are others who have been there to teach me new things, answer my naïve questions, and educate me on aspects of the business or engagement that I didn’t yet understand. They’ve also given advice and helped me out when I find myself stuck or in a bit of a jam!

My colleagues have taught me a lot, and I try to learn from everyone I work with, whether they be a manager or a consultant, leader or not. Sometimes all you need is someone to bounce an idea off, and I’m thankful that the people I work with are able to take off the corporate veil at times and make that human connection. It’s all part of what makes ASG a great place to work!”