Cloud Transformation

Cloud is empowering organisations worldwide with transformational capabilities –┬áreducing time to market, driving mobility, increasing collaboration and reducing cost.

Cloud is an enabler, driving new business opportunities allowing firms who know how to leverage this new technology to leap ahead of competitors, respond to market needs and to positively impact bottom lines.

Business users want painless access to their data and applications at any time, from wherever they are, via whatever device they are using.
Cloud Services are helping organisations eliminate cumbersome capital costs and costs associated with IT implementation and support overheads that are not responsive to business needs and outcomes.

Cloud represents a disruption for IT and business, which is harnessed effectively can transform your organisation, eliminate IT overheads, and allow your staff to focus on growing your business.

Cloud is delivering on ease of use, ubiquity, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

To ensure that you maximise the benefits of cloud and avoid the traps and pitfalls it is critical that you select the best transformation partner. At ASG we have developed a clear and powerful Cloud Transformation Methodology that will make it easier for you to get a handle on Cloud, evaluate its impact for you and execute on a strategy that will successfully transition your organisation in the design, build and introduction of Cloud Services.

The ASG Cloud Transformation Methodology consists of six phases with the activities being organised and delivered across five streams as depicted in the figure below.


The ASG Cloud Transformation Methodology defines the activities required to transform and transition an organisation from a current state to a New World Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) model. It provides a framework to develop the activities to be undertaken and the order that best ensures the successful implementation of cloud services into an organisation.

At the end of the journey the customer will have:

  • Undertaken and Developed the Vision, Strategy, Scoping and Planning required to implement Business Aligned Cloud Services
  • Designed and Implemented the chosen cloud services
  • Designed and implemented the required internal processes
  • Designed and implemented supporting processes
  • Established the Service Broker Function
  • Developed a Business Service Catalogue
  • Have developed and put in place:
    • Monitoring
    • True Cost Accounting and Service Chargeback
    • Governance Controls
    • Service Improvement Programs

Vision & Strategy

In developing the most appropriate path for your journey, ASG works closely with you to realise the vision of where you want your organisation to go and what you wish to be – that ideal place your people strive for each day.

ASG knows that Cloud is simply a part of an overall business strategy, just one path of enablement to help you realise your vision. But we know that it is indeed a vital step.

We don’t focus on the technologies, but rather we focus on the potential business outcomes – such as profitability, competitive position, market share, sales growth, client satisfaction, employee morale and cost leadership.

Scope & Plan

Your business services and the operation of an ideal solution architecture that aligns perfectly with those objectives, are the focus of this phase. Our consultants will work with your staff to develop the scope of the project by:

  • Identifying the specific internal and external business drivers motivating your organisation’s move to Cloud
  • Mapping your business processes and establish who and what factors drive them
  • Defining specific project goals and how to measure a successful move to Cloud
  • Planning for what the completed solution will do from a business perspective – this is not a technology discussion, this is a business discussion
  • Assessing information and ensuring data flows are trafficked to accommodate employee, client and partner processes

Analysis & Design

Now the Transformation Journey is starting to take shape. A granular assessment of every application and business system in your portfolio is the focus of this next phase.

During the Analysis & Design Phase our consultants will formalise the current cost of operation, maintenance, design, development, testing, deployment, charge-back modelling and platform support

Work with your technology teams to catalogue all of your applications; data, interfaces, component relationships and supporting infrastructure.
It is within the Design element that we collaborate with you on innovation. There are many benefits associated with Cloud, however organisations across the globe are finding that the most powerful is the ability to drive innovation. As Cloud Services have matured, companies are finding that it extends capabilities and functionalities that help them define and drive new revenue streams. Assessing opportunities for innovation, questioning the status quo, and asking “why not?” are a key focus in this phase before progressing to deploying new ways of working.


Within this phase of your digital transformation, our teams will collaborate on building your optimal Cloud foundation.

ASG have the expertise to construct a Cloud platform that will ensuring all heterogeneous parts interoperate. Critical areas identified in the earlier phases, such as time-to-market expediency, security, resiliency, mobility, user access, collaboration, social media links, business analytics and globalisation initiatives to ensure your cloud delivers on every front.

Maximising upon the clouds ability to deliver these new capabilities in a way that aligns with the outcomes being sought by your business to deliver a competitive advantage is as key to bringing innovative new products and services to your clients and end users.


Our on-boarding process employs a systematic approach, focussed on addressing the objectives of the executive team, implementation groups and affected end users. We will ensure that your processes, applications and supporting data transform in a seamless way to your new environment and that the objectives, outcomes and benefits from the transformation are measured and reported. This Organisation Change Management focus is critical to maintaining ongoing buy-in to the ongoing transformation agenda.


ASG is committed to providing the experience, methodologies and ICT Services required to exceed our clients’ expectations.

You can rely on the experts at ASG to provide support services that are of the highest quality and align with your business outcomes. We align our support teams in a way that will ensure that you’ll be engaged with an expert from the get-go. Our support will be ongoing and systematic and we’ll cover service design, transition, operation, continual service improvements, monitoring, detection, logging, categorisation, prioritisation, diagnosis, resolution, closure, self-service portal, service desk and full service desk integration.