Cyber Security

ASG’s approach to Cyber Security is covered by two complimentary solution areas incorporating Identity & Access Management and Cyber Resilience.

With a large proportion of cyber security incidents attributed to existing or former staff, controlling system access within an organisation is a key requirement to the security of any organisation’s data and systems.

ASG’s Identity & Access Management practice provides a unified, integrated cyber security solution designed to manage user identities, provision resources, secure access to corporate resources and support governance as well as compliance across the organisation.

Access Control/Authorisation

The ability to centrally manage access to different applications and systems.


The process of a user proving who they are. Normally achieved by identifying themselves with a username and password.

Automated Provisioning

Generating a user identity/account for an application or directory. This may entail the combination of automatic provisioning and generated workflow approvals to granting access to applications, systems and physical items e.g. mobile phones, computers, building access cards, etc.


A central directory utilised for the storing of identities and passwords. The directory provides a repository for the single user identity. This is normally an LDAP directory e.g. Oracle Internet Directory, Active Directory, Novell E-directory, etc.

Federated Identity Management

The ability to grant access to external parties such as suppliers and customers, using credentials stored by the external party’s directory/identity store in a pre-configured trust relationship.

Single Sign-On

A mechanism to allow users to authenticate once, and then have access to all the company’s applications they have been granted without having to re-authenticate again. SSO prevents problems with users having to remember multiple user names and passwords.

Delegated Administration and Self Service (DAS)

DAS provides the ability to share the user administration tasks within the organisation. Instead of relying on one central administration team the tasks are delegated within the organisation.

Organisations across Australia and New Zealand recognise the absolute importance for their brand and reputation by providing the highest quality outcomes and products to their customers.

In today’s digital world of emerging and existing technologies, organisations need to be assured that they are providing IT services within a resilient and trusted framework.

ASG is very familiar with the concept of Cyber Resilience, which is about the effective management of risk whilst not impeding agility or innovation, to achieve this ASG has formed a strategic partnership with Symantec. This strategic partnership delivers a complete cyber resilient solution with world class protection technologies, efficient and effective security operations capability, supported by global and local expertise in a cost effective manner. Symantec’s solutions are market leading with robust filtering and protection capability that designed to protect the IP and reputation of your organisation.

ASG’s Cyber Resilience solutions encompass a number of technologies to improve the security posture an organisation, including:

  • Prevent sophisticated threats from entering the environment via network and email.
  • Rapidly detect advanced attacks by correlating information from the Endpoint software that is already deployed within an organisation.
  • Provide 24x7x365 monitoring of the environment by highly trained, experienced Symantec security experts.
  • Provision of a one click solution (via Symantec Advanced Threat Protection) to search, discover and remediate any attack artefacts. All with no new agents to deploy.

Symantec Managed Security Services will ensure that your organisation can rapidly detect and quickly respond to any adverse incidents by providing around the clock monitoring of the security environment 365 days of the year. Symantec’s expert Incident Response team are an additional asset to help prepare for, mitigate, and ultimately respond to any breaches that occur.

ASG’s Advisory Services contains two key elements:

Threat Alert Management

Threat Alert Management works with customers to risk assess any alerts issued and determine the appropriate course of action for a comprehensive resolution. ASG’s experience is that Threat Alerts issued will often require technical knowledge to initially understand and then define the best course of action to resolve.

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security services will review the log files created by Symantec Security Service and identify any potential threats and security breaches within the Customer environment. From experience, understanding and remediating the issues raised within the log files can sometimes be overwhelming.

ASG’s Technical Response Services compliments the Advisory Services.

A number of ASG’s existing customers do not have the internal resources available or capability to perform the remediation required after a cyber security threat alert has been issued, assessed and requires action. The Technical Response Services provide customers with a pool of skilled resources that can perform any necessary patching, manage firewall policies and configure the services required to maintain a secure environment.