Advanced Analytics

The charter of ASG Advanced Analytics is to help organisations unlock the true value of data, foster a culture that embraces data and build a data-driven culture that drives greater insights and performance.

We bring new and scientific ways of thinking about your data through our cutting-edge analytics to maximise the value of your data, achieving high value results at scale.

Value Drivers:

  • Real-time optimum decisions in key strategic or operational areas
  • Superior risk management
  • Increased profitability

Over the last few years we have delivered numerous multi-phased, significant scale Analytics projects including clients such as Department of Education, WA, Qantas, Boral, Clough and Yarra Valley Water amongst others.

ASG continues to lead the market in the Business Intelligence and Analytics project services. This was recently recognised by Oracle Corporation through our two Global Excellence Awards in September 2014. This was the first time an Australasian partner has been awarded an accolade such as this.
Healthy ROI on analytics investment means that it will be challenging to compete in the future without analytics being at the heart of a wide range of daily decisions and actions.


The cutting edge is a constantly advancing target:

  • We are at the beginning of the next Industrial Revolution. In Industrie 4.0 (Industrial Internet, Internet of Things), data needs to have a seat at the board table.
  • ASG leverages its strong academic partnerships to translate Frontier Research into a unique strategic differentiator for your organization.


Overcoming common barriers to adoption:

  • Decision Automation implementation requires a specialised skillset, provided by ASG and supported by its academic partners
  • Value and ROI of investment demonstrated early through short, incremental engagements
  • It should be noted that by its nature, advanced analytics is potentially a disruptive innovation requiring significant internal support for organisational and cultural changes.