Monetising Your Data

Big Data Solutions, Data Science, Advanced Analytics… There are many names but this area of Business Intelligence is essentially about extracting value from a company’s huge amount of data to provide valuable input into an organisation’s strategy.

Unique insights are often found hiding in the data and these can drive business solutions to longstanding pain points, allow differentiation in highly competitive markets and guide important decision making tactics.

In 2015 Australian organisations spent an estimated $670 million on analytics. Some of the areas where Advanced Analytics has been proving its worth have been in identifying revenue opportunities significantly ahead of the competition, flagging equipment that will break down next week or pinpointing deviations from policies that could result in reputational damage.

ASG has recently set-up an Advanced Analytics practice to bring new, scientific ways of thinking and cutting-edge analytics to help organisations maximise the value of their data, and to achieve high value results at scale.

Our Advanced Analytics practice is diverse and growing, designing bespoke ‘big data solutions’ for our customers to help them to make the right decisions with the right data.

With the amount of data that organisations are collecting on a daily basis growing exponentially, Advanced Analytics will play a vital role in helping businesses to get ahead and stay in front of the curve. We are proud to be leading the way in this complex, diverse and always interesting field of practice.