SAP Business One

ASG is very experienced in delivering solutions to Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME). We pride ourselves on enabling our customers to run their businesses more cheaply, with less manual effort and lower levels of risk. Our capabilities to this market include financial applications, corporate reporting solutions, point-of-sale systems and logistics solutions.

We are experts with the SAP Business One ERP. This is a product-set from one of the world’s largest and most trusted enterprise software vendors that is specifically targeted at SMEs. There are thousands of businesses globally that rely on SAP Business One for their core operations. One of the benefits our customers experience with SAP Business One is that the platform will scale in line with the growth of their businesses. Additionally, the SAP Business One product set incorporates best practices which ensures your processes are optimised from the start. Instead of having to use trial-and-error to find out what works best for you.

We have implemented SAP Business One solutions more than 200 times across many different industries.

Some of the features and benefits you will experience by working with ASG includes:

We will ensure a smooth delivery of your system. We have experienced practitioners who will remove risk and are experts in all facets of solutions to SMEs. We are partners of SAP, the vendor,  which means we are at the forefront of new developments. Our team is constantly re-training in the features available and we will bring these to bear with our customers to reduce cost. SAP Business One is a leader in solutions to SMEs because it provides scalability at an amazing price point.

why build it yourself when SAP will do it for you? These are the modules that are available out-of-the-box and standard with the SAP Business One platform:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse & Inventory
  • Production
  • Project Management
  • Services Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Banking
  • Fixed Assets and many more

We recommend SAP Business One as the cornerstone of your solution strategy. However, recognising that one product cannot provide all functionality a business needs, SAP Business One provides rich functionality to integrate with other best-of-breed solutions. For example, if SAP Business One is deployed as your Financials solution then it will easily integrate with all of the leading eCommerce platforms in use. We are experts in integration to ensure that all your critical business information can be pulled into your SAP Business One system.

SAP Business One has built-in reports covering financial and management reporting requirements. These are available as soon as your installation is ready. We can help you expand your reporting using our dedicated analytics team.

Businesses today use the Cloud to reduce costs and pain. We are experts in deploying SAP Business One on the Cloud and we recommend this approach with our customers. We can setup Cloud-based solutions and provide ongoing support for you.

We have over 70 customers who we provide support and maintenance to every single day. We have mature processes that allow you to contact us as soon as there is a problem. We proactively monitor our customers’ systems to prevent problems before they occur. We will let you focus on doing what you do best by taking away all the pain and worry of managing your IT systems.

We have a mature ERP delivery methodology that has been customised to deliver to the SME market. We know SMEs are different to large enterprises and our experience delivering over 200 projects to business like yours will make your implementation as easy as possible. Our consultants are certified, experienced and professional. We listen to you and then deliver a solution that best meets your needs.