Application Managed Service

Drive business innovation and benefit through your applications management strategy by selecting ASG as your digital transformation and delivery partner.

Every organisation that has adopted application outsourcing over the last decade and more, is constantly reviewing ways in which to mature and evolve its capabilities with this function, correctly recognising that this a pathway to business growth and sustainability. To achieve these objectives, enterprises are continually seeking best practices and frameworks for delivering sustained business value and driving operational superiority in the battle to remain competitive. ASG’s Application Managed Service solutions are geared towards modernisation without disruption. Our approach focusses on true strategic differentiation, enabling us to provide our customer’s a real competitive edge in their markets.

For the past 20 years, ASG has established a proven track record of providing quality, enterprise grade application managed services both within the public and private sector, and across a wide range of industries, business pillars and functionality. Our success in transforming applications portfolio’s and services that underpin the achievement of business goals is driven by our ability to:

  • Listen to our customers
  • Learn from our shared experiences
  • Leverage the maturity of our engagement and delivery frameworks
  • Whilst driving an institutionalised culture of innovation and continual improvement

By paying careful attention to the needs of our customers, and through the visionary leadership that places ASG firmly at the forefront of modernised Application Managed Service delivery that is resolutely business outcomes focussed, we have developed next generation Application Managed Services that harvests both the traditional skills we have built up over 20 years’ experience and a range of new business-focussed capabilities.

Our flexible approach and proven methodologies deliver repeatable results in three key areas:

  • Service Value:
    • Demonstrated experience in transforming applications portfolio that optimise business value
    • Proven integrated end-to-end management capabilities across the entire enterprise application lifecycle with a mature governance framework that uniquely connects business outcomes with the application portfolio and the end-user experience
  • Cost:
    • Demonstrated experience in transforming, implementing and managing the multiple configurable support options that create opportunities for cost savings
  • Flexibility:
    • We have proven our ability to innovate commercially across a number of our key accounts
    • Our significant experience in exploiting and managing the new service consumption models driven by variable business demand
    • Our experience in implementing and managing hybrid service models that are best suited to our customer’s unique business requirements

ASG has developed significant experience in meeting the challenges associated with modernising and supporting both simple and complex application portfolios. Our unique New World Transformation methodology is built on our well defined and mature Program and Project Management processes, and incorporates our proven Service Management Methodology. It can be applied to seamlessly manage the transformation, transition and on-going operations of your applications portfolio. Our approach and execution is driven by a 4 phase approach that will provide you with:

  • an optimised applications portfolio and management capability
  • whilst managing risk and preventing business disruption
  • with a repeatable framework for continued improvement



Our complete Application Managed Services portfolio in its entirety represents a true Service Integration and Application Management approach across the entire portfolio lifecycle. Whilst this is where the highest level of value is to be derived, ASG recognises the unique requirements of our customers. ASG therefore offers discrete applications managed services at all stages of the lifecycle as individual service components that will deliver real business benefit to your organisation.