Cloud Application Support

Optimum, ASG’s SaaS focussed support services, delivers next generation enterprise application cloud services that not only protects our customers’ investments, but ensures that the optimal business value is delivered.

ASG’s recognised leadership in the provision of cloud services has uniquely positioned us ahead of our competitors to provide robust and high value SaaS services across the entire lifecycle.

We believe the knowledge and experience we have derived from delivering innovative SaaS services well in advance of other service providers guarantees you:

  • A superior customer experience
  • An accelerated path to business value
  • A sustainable model to derive long-term business benefits

With our specific focus on SaaS, driven by the success of our visionary “New World” services, we have a dedicated team of SaaS experts that have led our customers to realise the full business benefits that SaaS has to offer.

From vision through to operations, ASG places you and your business needs at the core of the innovation process. We provide a consistent business focussed and outcomes based engagement experience across the entire service delivery spectrum. This is achieved by combining our extensive experience in deploying, managing and supporting SaaS solutions, together with our depth and breadth of industry and functional know-how.

Whilst SaaS solutions clearly bring a different operating paradigm for service consideration when compared to the traditional on-premise model, they still require an effective support function. However, organisations and their managers have rightly increased expectations of what the SaaS model should deliver in terms of business benefits, together with an increased expectation regarding the contribution and ownership the “traditional” support function. ASG has been at the forefront of delivering these new support models for our SaaS customers, ensuring that the benefits are realised everyday throughout the life of the solution.

Optimum, has therefore been designed to optimise and leverage the investment our customers have committed into their SaaS portfolios. Optimum follows a natural path along the applications lifecycle, driving continued improvement post-implementation into operations, seamlessly delivering a robust framework and roadmap that drives an iterative and repeatable approach for business innovation.

Optimum consists of 4 service components. The service is highly configurable and can be tailored to our customer’s specific operating environment and business requirements.




Provides tailored business focussed support that proactively assesses and monitors the service whilst providing a centralised front line service within the cloud for our customers to engage with. It includes

  • Functional User Support and How-To’s
  • Ongoing Proactive Advice and Guidance
  • Ownership of all Service Requests and escalations
  • New feature reviews and assessment with verification of applicability of new functionality
  • Review and advice regarding business process changes
  • Proactive information on known issues with Upgrade or Monthly Patches

Provides Testing and Release Services that ensure uninterrupted and continual business services. Our proven SaaS Testing and Release Methodology is utilised to guarantee prompt and efficient testing of the Monthly Patch and Upgrade cycles. We perform testing in accordance with our customer’s pre-agreed release schedules, utilising predefined test scripts. We also manage and maintain all test case documentation, test plans and test scripts. Test results are documented, and where required, testing defects and issues identified and actioned appropriately. We create and manage all Service Requests where required. Additionally as part of this service, we maintain and operate an effective Environment Management plan to ensure that all of your non-production environments are in step with your release cycles and scheduled project activities.

Our unique offering provides premium expert services that leverage our broad and deep functional business knowledge and know-how. It is exclusively focussed on driving business innovation through a mature and proven approach towards managing both business optimisation and change. We have developed a streamlined and agile methodology that harnesses the benefits of SaaS release cadences, from benefit identification through to benefits realisation, whilst effectively managing the challenges of organisational change impact and readiness, together with stakeholder management and communications. Our high level service catalogue there includes:

  • Business Innovations Services
  • Business Change Management Services
  • Business Operational Functional Configuration
  • Development & Enhancement Services

Some common examples of Optimum Forge Services include:

  • White papers outlining new functionality with each release to facilitate assessment and adoption of new features
  • Benefits Identification and Management
  • Change Impact Assessments
  • Creation of a new entity or organisation
  • Specific training requests
  • Creation of ad-hoc reports
  • Setup of new functionality

Provides complete Integration and Data Quality Services for your SaaS deployment and business data. Given the numerous deployment models that we currently support, we can provide you with whatever level or coverage of service your business and operations require.
We can service:

  • Cloud – Cloud
  • Cloud – OnPrem
  • OnPrem – OnPrem