Enterprise Resource Planning as a Service (ERPaaS)

ASG’s ERPaaS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for the provision of fundamental ERP services that can be delivered to your business via a consumption charging model.

We provide a number of flavours of ERP technology to deliver thus service with two Tier 1 ERP solutions available from Oracle and SAP, and Tier 2 solution offering based on Oracle. ASG’s ERPaaS combines the core service inclusions to provide end-users with access to best practice business process flows across the ERP business suite in a flexible and scalable service.

The core service includes:

  • Software licences including vendor maintenance and support;
  • Production hosting;
  • Service Desk;
  • Security and Product Patching services;
  • Technical Support; and
  • Functional Break/Fix support services.

The service will be consumed on a role based consumption basis, whereby you pay for the service only based on the number of users and types of users subscribed to the service.

The user type and their functional role will determine their level of access and application functionality.

ASG’s ERPaaS is based on a consumption usage model that is measured and priced on the monthly usage and profiling of your company’s subscribed users. The high level diagram below compares the cost structure between an ERPaaS (left) versus a traditional ERP service (right)

If you face any of the challenges below then ASG’s ERPaaS can help you address them::

  • Lack of budget for ‘expensive’ ERP implementation or enhancements/upgrades
  • Increasing costs to support and maintain
  • Existing costs do not reflect changing demands from the business
  • Disjointed Business Processes across your Lines of Business
  • Market dynamics requires a flexible and scalable licence model
  • Uncertainty and risk of adopting a new ERP preventing the business moving forward
  • ERP Management not core to our business

If you are seeking any of the following Business Outcomes, ASG’s ERPaaS can help you achieve them:

  • Adoption of Industry best standardised platform and processes
  • Simplified delivery and Support requirements
  • Utility Pay per User cost model (OpEx not CapEx)
  • Allow business to focus on market differentiation not ERP delivery
  • Manage the risk and costs more effectively

The clients who have adopted ASG’s ERPaaS model have achieved the following Business Benefit Realisation

  • Reduce TCO by up to 40% over 5 years
  • Accelerated ROI – through no large upfront investment to recoup
  • Drive additional savings through
    • Adopting industry best practices
    • Standardising business processes
    • Reducing the need for unnecessary customisations
    • Leverage ASG’s industry specific customisations