End User Computing

ASG’s market-leading approach provides support for the user-centric service. These are the services that are consumed by an end user in order to undertake their day to day tasks.

Today’s end user environments are transforming rapidly as companies seek to take advantage of emerging technologies; enabling increasingly flexible work practices to obtain a competitive advantage for their business, make their staff more productive and provide more flexible ways of working. Working together with our leading clients, ASG have developed solutions that deliver a high-performance end-user experience through the provision of an industry-leading and flexible Desktop as a Service Platform. This platform empowers users to get their work done in an always-on, fully secure environment that follows them everywhere, on any device and provides access to the information they need in an integrated collaborative fashion.

The traditional model of employees working at the office on corporate devices has undergone a dramatic transformation, and an increasingly diverse Digital Workforce now expects to be able to work from anywhere using a variety of devices. Using our Digital Workplace Solutions ASG delivers users a powerful, secure and mobile experience anywhere, anytime, on any device while also supported by the latest best-of-breed offerings from technology, security and thought leaders.

The range of services that can be delivered under these Digital Workplace Solutions include:

  • User and Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Level 1 Service Desk Support
  • Workstation and Device Provisioning and Support
  • Mobility and Mobile Device Management
  • Remote Access
  • Application Packaging and Deployment
  • Software License and Asset Management
  • Collaboration, Telephony, Messaging and eMail

However, the Digital Workplace is evolving so rapidly that it is imperative to stay vigilant, constantly assessing new technologies in order to see how these might deliver a competitive advantage to your business. In conjunction with our Service Management as a Service, ASG transforming the current workplace into a Digital Workplace involves reinventing the working environment, taking control of the disruptive digital technologies, optimising capital costs, while providing a new end-user experience. The Digital Workplace is therefore not just a pure IT topic, it’s an opportunity to become end-user centric in order to activate new performance levers.

ASG and our partner team will work with you to target business process improvement opportunities and resolution of real business challenges and issues.