Hybrid Cloud

All companies can benefit from adoption of Public Cloud Technologies, some of these can benefit from adopting more than one Public Cloud Platform, but very few companies are suited to being 100% Public Cloud. This means an ability for companies to support a Hybrid Cloud environment is critical. ASG has help many companies develop their Hybrid Cloud strategies and to manage the implementation of this vision.

In order to address the need of a Hybrid Cloud solution, ASG deploys a New World infrastructure solution for our clients. It provides technical services, a brokerage, a management platform and a methodology for moving from an in-house traditional environment to a true Cloud-Based consumption model on a hybrid infrastructure layer.

Most of our clients are seeking a strategic solution to escape the 100% client-owned asset model with high committed expenditure and fixed consumption models based on worst case demands to a consumption-based solution for their infrastructure, platforms and software systems.

ASG has developed a full Cloud lifecycle solution for our clients by working closely with our hardware, software, networking and Cloud services partners. ASG has developed comprehensive Cloud migration methods along with sophisticated consumption models for the full range of IT services, from End User Computing and Infrastructure Services through to Service Management and Application Services.

As part of this model, the lifecycle is driven through a Service Catalogue with full Cloud Administration at the back end, covering all Cloud deployment models and traditional on-premise systems. This is illustrated in the following diagram.



This approach covers the move by our clients through a robust “Journey to the Cloud” methodology support by tools, infrastructure and deployment template. This covers the build and operate through consumption and transformation. This is built upon our New World Cloud Architecture to deliver an agile, flexible, open, extensible and secure management framework.



This full Cloud service brokerage platform contains all the necessary integrated components that enable ASG to cost effectively deliver end-to-end management, monitoring, billing, reporting and configuration management services.



ASG can provide all the assessment, due diligence and analysis to determine how the above solutions would be deployed to meet a specific client’s business needs, the following detailed diagram provides a high level view of the target solution.



The above solution would deliver the full range of present and near term requirements for most client in a highly flexible and agile framework with minimal commitment to volumes and a reduction in any stranded costs. ASG works closely with our clients to ensure the transition takes account of investment in undepreciated assets, in areas like Backup Systems, Storage, Network Acceleration as well as investment in software system like Backup and Recovery and Virtualisation.

In addition, an assessment of each of the main applications to determine the best migration approach. Some applications may be best to leave alone if they are likely to be decommissioned in the near term. Other systems may not be able to perform suitably on a public Cloud platform due to licensing restrictions, performance, co-existence issues. Security requirements for some systems, or the degree to which they have been customised may also create issues for a full Cloud migration.

However, it is highly likely that a large portion of a client’s application suite could be moved without too much difficulty to public Cloud, delivering the true consumption, cost effectiveness and agility that is only possible with such platforms.

The last decision for these platforms is which platform. ASG would suggest that for organisations with entrenched Microsoft Office usage, that MS Office365 would be an ideal solution. However, this raises questions regard to Document Management and File Services. Also, do present licensing arrangements held by the client create a benefit to a wider adoption of Azure, or would AWS be a better solution? These topics, along with many others, need to be assessed against the same architecture disciplines that previously were used to develop an Infrastructure Strategy, where different vendor’s offerings need to be assessed against the degree to which they meet each client’s business needs and long term cost of ownership.

ASG has the experience and the expertise to guide you on what can be a complex and challenging journey.