Business Management Office as a Service

The BMO provides a leveraged service, business solutions and support offering spanning the; Inform, Think, Plan, Build and Run functions within a client account.

Or expanding each individually on client demand.

The key benefits of BMO include:

  1. Standard, repeatable core processes including:
    • Estimating and Quoting
    • Resourcing
    • Procurement
    • Quality Assurance
  2. Financial Management
  3. Monthly, Dashboard and Status Reporting
  4. Service Brokerage processes and controls

In Partnership with client steers, the BMO Governance Model covers:


Provide oversight of a governance structure that facilitates high level decision making, programme control and consultation.


Ensure that strategies and protocols for appropriate consultation and other communications are established in the Partnership.

Business Alignment

Ensure that all projects and services are closely aligned, and maintain that alignment with the objectives and intended outcomes of the Corporate Strategy and Partnership Objectives.

Plan and Monitor

Endorse the Partnership plan and budget, monitor actual performance and the achievement of planned outcomes and benefits.

Risk Management

Provide strategic risk management oversight and the initiation of action to address high-risk areas.

Guidance and Advice

Provide advice on strategic issues that may affect the scope and performance of the projects and services.

Report to Client Executive Forums

Ensure that appropriate reports are regularly submitted to the Partner Executive Forums and that approval is sought on key investment proposals.