Concur Invoicing

Processing, filing and storing invoices can be a time-consuming and inefficient process, particularly in organisations where volume is high.

To streamline this process and alleviate resourcing requirements, Concur has developed a platform, Concur Invoice, whereby the process of collecting, submitting and approving supplier invoices is automated, driving your costs down by up to 70%.
Day-to-day invoice management

The benefits of utilising Concur Invoice speak for themselves. Not only does it reduce costs and eliminate the need for copious amounts of paperwork and filing, but it also provides organisations with a single platform to manage employee spend, from travel expenses to general office supply.

Concur Invoice will allow you to expedite the processing time and reduce delay with Concur’s automated end-to-end solution, whilst maximising visibility of your company’s spend at any given time. You will also have the capacity to capture and extract data and compile comprehensive reports that fulfil your governance requirements with the click of a few buttons.

Your relationships with suppliers will improve with fast, efficient payment processing that they can track through a secure Supplier Portal. The time your staff spend referring to supplier enquiries will be reduced, and the opportunity to analyse supplier spend data and negotiate better deals will be made a whole lot easier – saving you precious time and money.