New World

Cloud has transformed the IT market and the way our clients want to consume IT.

For many of our clients:

  • CAPEX investment is unattractive
  • Reduction in balance sheet debt is goal
  • IT Assets are of no value if not core to business
  • Alignment of OPEX to business volumes is preferred
  • Lowering the risk and term commitment of procurement
  • Greater agility, accountability and risk management being sought from vendors

To address this changing market ASG changed its business. We focus on developing integrated and business-aligned solutions for our clients based on our New World model, leveraging niche technology partners and employing some of the markets’ most advanced and mature Cloud service providers.

Our New World Services:

  • Focus on the delivery of Business Outcomes not technology outcomes
  • Underpins a business service rather than a technical function
  • Charges are based on the quantity of the service consumed
  • Utilise high levels of self service and automation to increase speed and reliability of delivery
  • ASG owns the assets required to construct the service and the client simply consumes the service