Secure Government Cloud

Federal Government agencies face a number of challenges when considering the adoption of Cloud Services with a view to transform their agency’s ICT environments and deliver high levels of agility and cost management.

Most of these challenges relate to meeting stringent security requirements based upon the data managed by these systems. To address this need ASG has worked with a number of our Federal Government clients to build a highly secure cloud platform that can meet up to and including PROTECTED level systems.

Due to the economies of scale, combined with ASG’s New World service delivery models, ASG is able to deliver cloud services to secure government agencies using cloud Infrastructure as a Service models similar to those of the public cloud platforms.

ASG also recognises that many agencies are seeking to review current workload classifications with a view to adopting greater levels of Hybrid Cloud. Moving Unclassified or Unclassified DLM workloads to certified public cloud providers can deliver even greater agility and cost effective solutions to the business users in their agencies.

The benefits that our federal government clients realise through the adoption of ASG’s New World services and Federal Government Secure Cloud target the critical value factors of time, risk and cost:

  • Cost reduction through high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, automation and economies of scale. Achieved through:
    • Our ability to immediately bring to the table highly mature ITSM process and tools;
    • Automation of common tasks as well as self-service systems that allows more cost effective delivery of routine requests;
    • Monitoring and Management tools that ensure that services can be more proactive; and
    • Common practices, mature processes and leveraged support teams we maximise our team’s productivity. This allows high quality services can be delivered by the most cost effective staff members.
  • Low Risk solution achieved through
    • End-end established processes;
    • Mature monitoring and management systems; and
    • Robust risk management based approach
  • Experienced Provider
    • Flexibility in our engagement model that accommodates Whole of Government procurement and licencing approaches.
    • Being an experience provider of managed services significantly decreases the speed with which ASG can deliver a better value, higher quality and low risk service to our clients.
    • Low risk because there are no surprises for us, we work hard to understand our clients, their portfolio and industry; and
    • ASG are a highly experienced Managed Service provider in federal, state and commercial areas with predefined toolsets, processes and experienced personnel.